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The Best 5 VR Headsets In This Reality

HTC Vive virtual reality system

The computer-generated reality, or VR, is the most recent popular expression in the great universe of innovation. We’re going to tell you what Virtual Reality is, how it works, and what tools are used for using the amazing technology, you need to know about everything.

What is Virtual Reality?

The idea of computer-generated reality or VR isn’t new. It’s been rotating in the tech space for several years, but lately, this technology has been breaking down obstacles for a long time. In recent years, these VR headsets have become more open both as far as cost and convenience. It may have begun with gadgets like Google’s cardboard opening the entryway for anybody with a cell phone. However, even the excellent quality headsets are currently simpler to utilize and additionally engaging as well.

The term Virtual Reality implies close to the real world. An individual might be giving a variant of reality that isn’t generally there, but he/she thinks it will exist in the real world, Whenever, we’ll put in specialized terms, Virtual Reality is a three-dimensional, PC produced condition that can be experienced by an individual. The individual becomes ideally part of the virtual world or immersed in the virtual environment and is therefore capable of manipulating objects or performing a series of actions.

The good news for those who are serious about getting the best VR headset experience is that the industry has made real strides in terms of making the standalone headset nearly as incredible as their exceptional PC partners and, gratitude to expanded challenge between the three major headset producers that they have made a large portion of their headsets substantially more moderate than they were three years back.  Picking the best VR headset that is directly for you is currently simpler than any time in recent memory.

Virtual reality is a fantastic new frontier in mobile entertainment. You gave somebody a call in a completely different environment with just one headset. It is truly a massive thing for a valid justification. Even though there still isn’t any official VR equipment support from Apple, you can, in any case, utilize a VR headset with an iPhone. While the iPhone is no ambiguity a convincing bit of versatile equipment, it’s still no counterpart for a decent old ground-breaking PC.

That is the reason the VR a portable VR headset can convey is very manageable when contrasted with all-outdated fastened headsets like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. Remembering that, it’s a smart thought to set your desires suitably. You may have seen your friend using a PlayStation VR headset, but the fact is, your phone will not match for that.

What is a VR Headset?

VR Headset is a wearable gadget that covers your face with which you can investigate 360-degree Virtual Video. There are numerous kinds of VR Headsets accessible in the market. Contingent upon your solace and necessities, you can get the reasonable one from the available alternatives. We also have some premium VR headsets that come with additional accessories to improve your general understanding. You can also get a separate remote control that lets you easily control the VR headset, and change its settings and functions to your needs.

How does Virtual Reality Works?

To connect and blend with the surprising invigorated world, you have to wear a square-shaped like goggles named as ‘head-mounted display’ that is made out of a screen controlled by a PC, a cell phone or it very well may be a gaming console alongside sensors and specific programming that begins to top off your vision. It is likewise joined by 3D sound, offering you virtue of amazing constant experience.

5 best VR Headsets

VR devices come in a few different forms: cheaper that works with your phone, and stuff that requires a high-end PC or gaming console and some spaces to move around. Among them are standalone mobile headsets that are cordless and do not require any additional external hardware to operate. We’ve collect the things you should know about when picking a VR headset, so now here are a few proposals for the best VR headset available in the market.

1. HTC Vive virtual reality system

Key Features

  • Instinctive Controllers offers practical controlling experience
  • An unfathomable and vivid moving experience
  • You can wear it serenely for a considerable length of time
  • Perfect with several games

At the point when the world was first acquainted with the VR experience, it was the HTC Vive that paralyzed everybody alongside the Oculus Rift that turned out during a similar time. HTC Vive headset offers an assortment of highlights for the new age to clients, who are looking for a committed VR Headset for their cell phones. The headset is intended to give top quality VR Experience to its clients.

HTC Vive virtual reality system

This headset comes with many particular controllers that let you connect with this present reality. You can wear it comfortably and appreciate the VR World for quite a long time. HTC Vive is intended for premium PCs. It is also good with advanced PCs with amazing processors.

If you are an expert gamer, at that point, this headset offers the best of gaming involvement in its exceptionally progressed double controllers. The assembled nature of this headset is too high. You can browse the immense rundown of games that are perfect with the HTC Vive Headset.

As far as picture quality, it has two 1080p screens, which implies you get sharp and fresh pictures. Also, at the value point, it is unquestionably a take bargain for anybody searching for a full VR experience without begging to be spent.

  • Great battery life
  • Colossal library with good games
  • Simple to set up and investigate
  • Best motion controls
  • Excellent design
  • Good image quality
  • Too much expensive
  • High-arranged frameworks required
  • Headset Cord intrudes on gaming

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2. Oculus Quest: The best standalone VR headset:

Key features

  • Quality OLED display
  • Immersive audio
  • Affordable

There’s no preferable versatile VR experience over the Oculus Quest, and its full-movement untethered configuration feels like what’s to come. We should perceive how great the application library becomes.

Oculus Quest-The best standalone VR headset

For an across the board computer-generated reality bundle, the Oculus Quest is challenging to beat. This VR headset, which costs as much as the Rift S, is somewhat of an alternate arrangement. To be specific, while the Rift S is a PC headset that additionally, requires adequately fantastic equipment to run, the Oculus Quest works entirely autonomously from any outside material.

In that capacity, it is a more standard VR headset intended to address the issues of the individuals who wish to encounter VR gaming yet; don’t have a PC incredible enough to run games in VR.

Oculus Quest flag another age for computer-generated reality, one that needn’t bother with a cell phone or PC to run fantastic encounters. It has an OLED show board with 1440 x 1600 for every eye goal and is controlled by a Snapdragon 835 processor.

Unlike different headsets that require extra hardware, outside sensors, or a protracted setup process, when the Quest is energized, you can be fully operational inside a few moments on account of a simple setup inside the Oculus portable application. Far superior ways, if you have Oculus games in your library effectively, some can even be played on the Oculus Quest – however, that is not generally the situation.

However, Oculus Quest is not perfect – aside from some light leaks from the bottom, Oculus says you can anticipate that the Quest should last 2 to 3 hours after the full charge, Contingent on whether you ‘re watching the media or playing a game. It means you will have to charge the Quest between sessions – you might have problems if you forget. That said, for those searching for a standalone loan, this is the best choice on our list.

In general, the Oculus Quest is not really a perfect case of a genuine gaming VR headset since it can’t run PC games, however, in the event that you just plan on playing the games that are available on the Oculus store, at that point this might conceivably be the best VR headset for you.

  • Quality OLED display
  • Immersive audio
  • No sensors or wires involved
  • Excellent VR for a standalone device
  • Reasonable price
  • It requires no phone, PC or game console
  • Set up is very easy
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Excellent QHD display
  • Slight light leakage
  • Battery life is not good

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3. Oculus Rift S

Key Features

  • Basic and agreeable to wear gadget perfect with high arranged PCs
  • Flexible ties fit well on a wide range of heads
  • The headset is sensibly light and agreeable
  • Accompanies Touch Motion Controls to control different capacities and settings

Oculus has advanced significantly in the previous years, at least because of the support of Facebook. Also, with the Rift S, the organization offers the best mix of stage, cost, and structure.

The system includes a headset that is full of sensors, offering a display for every eye and integrated earphones. It has a camera with backpack Oculus touch controllers to add more movement information and ships. However, you will also need a great space PC to operate the Oculus Rift, and this is not included in the cost of the kit.

Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

It’s similar to its predecessor, the real Oculus Rift, as it is an easy-to-fade black outdoor sport, lacking the bombardment of other headsets like the HTC Vive. Indeed. It has better display features, as well as some additional features that make it one of the most attractive VR headsets.

It offers 1280 x 1440 pixels per eye resolution on its two LCD screens, combined with a refreshed rate of 80 Hz, allowing you to immerse yourself in a plethora of apps and games in the Oculus store.

Besides, an advantageous new element of the Rift S is this which, includes back to front tracking, implying that it requires no outside sensors to offer the reasonable room-scale following, as the five coordinated cameras deal with that. Besides, these cameras additionally empower the client to perceive what’s happening around them in reality without really removing the headset.

The Oculus Rift comes with two sensors, and if you don’t need the full range of room tracking, then this headset is the best choice for you. However, talking about some of its recent updates, it now requires Windows 10 to run new applications and features.

  • The biggest range of games and apps
  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Great feel touch controllers
  • Wide range VR applications
  • Backing Facebook
  • Easy setup
  • Affordable
  • Excellent display
  • Offers rich Virtual Reality experience
  • Lightweight device
  • Comfortable to wear design
  • Adjustable straps
  • Touch Motion Controls
  • Quality integrated speakers
  • The bulky headset isn’t very portable
  • Can’t flip up like some Microsoft Windows VR headsets.
  • LCD not as right as high-end OLED
  • No external tracking stations
  • Improved visuals

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4. Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset

Key features

  • Set up is very easy
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Excellent QHD display

What’s more, currently, we get to the last and most reasonable VR headset has to offer – Oculus Go! It’s easily distinguishable from other Oculus VR headsets because it has a neat outdoor sport that contrasts with the faded black of every other Oculus headset. But more fundamentally, what puts it out there is pricing, as it is currently the most affordable standalone VR headset.

Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset

You needn’t worry about a connection with a costly PC or a gaming console; instead, it is the best alternative for the Android and iOS VR arrangements. Download the Oculus Companion App, and you’re ready to enjoy the laid-back VR entertainment.

Just like the Oculus Quest, Go is an entirely standalone wireless VR headset. However, since it comes at half the price of the former, it lacks some of the more premium features to understand. That is, it requires integrated cameras, integrated speakers, and it uses a 2560 × 1440 LCD instead of OLED.

The equipment is also progressively constrained, as the headset comes with a more fragile Snapdragon 821 CPU and less internal storing, for example, either 32 GB or 64 GB. Concerning the battery life, it’s mostly a similar arrangement likewise with the Quest – around 2-3 hours of utilization, in light of the movement being referred to, as gaming consumes the battery quicker than gaming does.

At last, the Oculus Go is basically a portable VR headset, and just there are no telephones included, so you don’t require a leader or a specific telephone model. The illustrations and the substance that you’d experience it may, But as we mentioned in the introduction, the key benefit of Go is its endurance.

In this way, in case you’re hoping to have some easygoing VR stimulation from time to time, this can be a good investment. In any case, it’s implied, in case you’re searching for a progressively premium VR experience, you would need to spend a little more. Oculus Go is VR for the masses: A self-contained, standalone virtual reality headset that’s portable, affordable and delivers an excellent experience for the price.

  • Set up is very easy
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Excellent QHD display
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive navigation
  • Affordable
  • Completely standalone
  • Comfortable design features
  • It has Hundreds of apps.
  • Wireless VR is joyful
  • Easy-to-use controller
  • Battery life is not good
  • More limited choice of games
  • Straight edges of the screen are visible at times
  • No expandable storage
  • Some issues with motion-sickness
  • Some experiences are blocky and underwhelming
  • HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are still that much better
  • No tracking around a room

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5. Sony PlayStation VR Headsets

Key Features

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Gives 100-Degree View
  • 7 Inch OLED Screen
  • High invigorate rate
  • Worked in receiver and accelerometer

Is it accurate to say that you are absolutely a play station aficionado? At that point, Play Station VR Headsets are especially for you. The PSVR is anything but difficult to set up that offers incredible visuals and decent tracking through its camera system. The headsets are extremely simple to wear and are comfortable on the head in any event, despite the long gaming sessions.

Sony PlayStation VR Headsets

It flaunts an unmistakable, highly contrasting plan with signature blue lights, it is very reasonable, and it is as yet not prepared for retirement. You should seriously think about utilizing it regardless of whether you don’t have a PlayStation 4.

It has an excellent OLED display with a refreshing pace of 120 Hz. In any case, since it’s a 1080p presentation, it doesn’t look as high as a portion of the more current headsets, and that is not in any event, considering the restricted hardware intensity of a PS4.

Nevertheless, the PSVR isn’t altogether without merit – predominantly, it’s very moderate at this point. Besides, while it just has local similarity with the PS4, it can also be utilized with a PC with the assistance of outsider programming. It is not a perfect arrangement, but if you want to test VR on your computer but can’t afford one of the better headsets, it can work.

The headset is intended to fit everybody. You can play for a considerable length of time with no inconvenience. The VR Headset underpins Sony’s Playstation Motion Move Controllers, which gives you a chance to play an assortment of games. You will defeat Virtual Reality Experience with these Move Controllers, which are perfect with the PSVR. It additionally underpins PlayStation Camera, which you can likewise associate with the Headset and the Console.

  • Striking design
  • 3D audio technology
  • Quick installation
  • Feature best VR gaming library
  • Affordable
  • User friendly
  • A plethora of VR game selections
  • Easy to use and simple setup
  • Better viewing exp. with full HD res
  • Comfortable to wear
  • PC-Quality Performance
  • Requires another USB Port to charge
  • Requires another USB Port to charge
  • PlayStation Camera is not that great
  • PC support only via third-party software
  • Fixtures cost extra

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Essential Things to Consider Before You Buy a VR Headset

  • Build Quality

The main thing one should remember is the build quality. There are many VR Headsets accessible in the market with another sort of build quality. By and large, VR headsets are comprised of plastic, so ensure it is durable and isn’t consist of some modest plastic. There are very cheap VR headsets that come with the inexpensive build quality and plastic. So ensure it is inflexible, robust, and durable and made of good material.

  • Bands or Belts

Watch that if the VR Headset has the best possible belts or not to fix the VR headset according to your face appropriately. It additionally helps in altering the headset according to your face or according to your needs. If it doesn’t have any belt, at that point, you need to physically hold the VR headset, which is a somewhat disturbing thing. The strap additionally keeps it in the fixed position regardless of whether you are moving and keeps your hand free. It is firmly suggested that we get the VR headsets that have the best possible belts. The Samsung VR and Procus VR come with straps.

  • Quality of Lens

Check the quality of the lens used in the VR headset. Furthermore, check if the headset has a movable focal point or not. An awful quality lens can hurt your eyes, so reconsider before purchasing the modest ones. The vast majority of the significant characteristics VR headsets come with little handles to change the lens, which modifies the concentration and makes the headset agreeable while seeing through it. Usually, the cheaper ones leave this feature, but it helps a lot when watching movies or videos.

  • Comfort

One more thing to remember is that how comfortable the VR headset is. It shouldn’t be enormous, massive, or substantial in weight. It should appropriately fit all over and ought to be lightweight.

  • Compatibility

Another thing worth mentioning here is how well it fits in your smartphone. There ought to be adequate space to accommodate your cell phone firmly and consummately. Ensure that the entryway of the VR headset that holds your telephone isn’t free, or else it very well may be aggravating while at the same time utilizing it. Furthermore, watch that if the VR headset you are purchasing can fit every single, distinctive size of cell phones appropriately or not. There are not many VR headsets that are made to work with some particular gadgets. Double-check before your plans to buy any VR headset to avoid the unwanted hassle. So if you intend to utilize it with another cell phone, you don’t get into undesirable issues.

  • Room-scale tracking

Room-scale tracking refers to the VR setup that allows the user to navigate around an ample space with no limits, thanks to outside position sensors.

  • Inside-out tracking

With this technique, outside sensors are supplanted by worked in cameras on the headset that can input changes to the encompassing condition.

  • Pixel resolution

In VR, this figure is the equivalent for every one of the two displays – for your privilege and left eye. The lower the numbers, the less bright the screen is.

Types of Virtual Reality Headsets

When we talk about the VR innovation, examining into its early stages and moving towards the present period, we have seen incredible movements, and the producers have concocted various types of VR headsets to offer you a scope of computer-generated reality rehearses.

  • Tethered VR Headsets:

Fastened VR headsets are primarily intended to work with your PC. These headsets are physically connected to a computer via cable and provide a superior experience.

  • Smartphone VR Headsets:

As the name suggests, you should need to use a smartphone to enjoy the wonders of virtual reality. You should slide the cell phone into the headset, and there you go!! Only a quick tip: utilizing the as of late discharged cell phone will be an ideal thought.

  • Standalone VR Headsets:

Standalone headsets, known to all in one headset, like the inherent processor, sensor, storage, battery, and display. Best of all, these headsets are wireless, and people don’t have to stay in their living rooms. These are the most excellent headsets

Which VR headset should you buy?

Sincerely cost and the stage might be relaxing on the huge majority of the choice for you – there aren’t any headsets for comfort gamers other than PlayStation VR, and, if you need a standalone headset, you’ve fundamentally stayed with the Oculus Quest.

Right now, the four best available – the Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, and PlayStation VR – are the most costly of all the standard VR headset contributions. Yet, there are some more affordable choices if you’d preferably dunk your toes into VR before spending your whole paycheck. Every headset has its one of kind qualities and shortcomings, and in case you’re not familiar with these before you get, it can be more expensive for you.


Many other factors help you decide on the best VR headset that depends on your choice, for example, if you prefer more than just features or you may want to control more valuable than anything else. So these small but essential things to keep in mind that when you are planning to buy a new VR headset for yourself or opt for your loved ones. Keep visiting our blog for more such informative pieces.

All the Virtual Reality headsets and glasses above are outfitted with cutting edge includes which will assist you with accomplishing a stunning and complete 360 submersion VR-involvement with 2019. In fact, with these VR-goggles, which you will have the option to download, and play many games, TV-shows appear, 3D-Movies and reports in a 360° augmented simulation involvement at home.

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